Chief Executive Officer’s Speech

In the light of the technological developments which are taking place in the region currently, and with the transformation of the world into a small geographical area whose people can travel across continents in seconds, Oman Post Company has decided to be an integral part of this area believing with certainty that its clients and pioneers from all categories are considered as its investment power which accelerate Oman Post from A local company to global horizons.

Accordingly, we believe at Oman Post that human resources are the driving and motivated force for the success of large enterprises. Therefore, since our first start, we have made our human resources from employees, clients and stakeholders the cornerstones of the company, as the successful investment starts from the creative minds that create innovations and translated it into great achievements that have conquered the boundaries of space and time.

For the purpose of ensuring the quality of our services presently and in the forthcoming future, we have taken into consideration all the new developments in the world of mail, parcels & trade considering its great importance, and close links in various fields which considered as a link between the service sectors and investment from all over the world under one roof.