Ordinary mail

The postal service is available in all postal offices around the Sultanate. It is concerned with dealing with letters and postcards from 1 gram to 2 kg. The shipping fee is determined according to the weight and the country of destination.

Registered mail

Secured letters which the sender is entitled to claim compensation upon loss or loss of part of its contents. The fees are calculated by weight and the country of destination as well as registration fees.


Stickers assessed by weight and destination placed on letters for the purpose of clearing them. The prices of individual postage stamp range from 50 Bz to 3 OMR.

Mail Boxes

Boxes dedicated to collecting messages and are placed in high density locations to facilitate public access to the post office.

Express Mail Service (EMS)

Fast and efficient service for sending urgent business documents and general items considered "top priority". The prices vary according to the weight and destination, with the possibility of providing debt service to companies and institutions under an annual contract.
With a max limit of 30 kg weights, this service is available in all post offices.


This service enables customers to send large volumes of goods with Weight limits up to 30 kg. However, for parcels weighing more than 30 kilograms, fees shall be calculated as mentioned in mail tariffs


P.O.Box services are available at all post offices and public postal agencies and serve as a permanent address for the subscriber against an annual subscription fee in accordance with the postal service regulations.

Post bags service

A commercial service for companies and institutions to facilitate the delivery and transfer of documents in a secure and convenient way between companies and their subsidiaries.







Clearance Machines

  • Institutions may apply to obtain a clearance machine. This is especially useful when sending a large number of letters.
  • This service aims to reduce the use of stamps.
  • Clearance charges are calculated according to weight and destination. The annual fee to stamp a logo or any advertising material via the clearance machine shall be 25 OMR.
  • Licenses for clearance machines shall be renewed annually free of charge.

Business Reply

  • Business Correspondence Service is available locally and internationally in two types of correspondence (cards and envelopes). 
  • This service is regulated by a contract between the business and Oman Post.
  • Maximum weight of the letter shall not exceed 50 grams.
  • The annual fee for the service is 25 OMR.
  • Distribution fees shall be 250 Bz per envelope from within the Sultanate and 100 Bz for incoming envelopes from outside the Sultanate.

Registered Mail

  • Registered Mail allows the sender to receive a receipt of acknowledgement.
  • Senders may also require written confirmation of delivery. This requires submission of Form CNO7.
  • Fees shall be 300 Bz per letter sent within the Sultanate and 400Bz per letter sent outside the Sultanate.
  • Receipt fees shall be 300 BZ.

Modifying an Address

  • The sender may submit Form CN17 to modify or correct the address of a letter deposited in the mail.
  • This service is free of charge.

Letter Retrieval 

  • The sender may submit Form CN17 to retrieve a letter for any reason.
  • This service is free of charge.
  • This service is available in all post offices.

Remaining mail

  • If desired, mail may be held at the post office until requested by the consignee.
  • A service fee of 100Bz will be collected from the consignee.

Dealing with mail, whose clearance 

  • Material arriving at the post box with incomplete clearance will incur an incomplete fee and a processing fee of 200 Bz.

Storage service

  • Fees are imposed on incoming packages and insured postal materials that remain in the post office for more than the delivery time limit, which is 10 working days.
  • Fees are 300 Bz for each day following the delivery time limit.

Impost Service (Express Distribution)

  • This postal service must be requested by the sender. Express Distribution gives distribution priority to the sender’s letter. 
  • Fees are 1 OMR for each letter.

Mail Inquiry

  • Senders can inquire about the reason for non-arrival of a letter. 
  • This requires submission of Form CN08.
  • Mail Inquiry is a free service provided by the Postal Department.

Advertising Publications

  • This service is available for companies and commercial institutions that, upon receiving permission from the competent authorities, intend to advertise their products through the post. 
  • Fees are 10 Bz for each advertising sheet.

Following Mail Service

  • This service allows private P.O. Box subscribers to transfer correspondence to another P.O. Box or address outside the Sultanate.
  • Fees are 25 OMR on a semi-annual basis.

Mail Bags Service

  • This postal service facilitates the delivery of publications and other materials from a sender to a consignee.
  • Fees are 300 Bz as specified by the regulations.
  • Maximum weight of the bag is 30 kilograms.