Welcome to the new Oman Post website. 
Oman Post endeavors to provide customers with reliable, high quality, and accessible postal services.

Oman Post now offers a wide range of services connecting people around the world through the latest digital and electronic technology. 

Customers interested in opening a P.O. box, tracking packages and calculating shipping costs, tenders, locating post offices, and even stamp-collecting will find all they need on our website. Moreover, Oman Post now provides ePost and e-commerce services (Matjar) making it easier than ever to deliver domestically and internationally. 


The history of postal services in the Sultanate of Oman dates to 1856, when the first post office was opened in Muscat under the auspices of the British Postal Department. A little over a century later, in 1966, the postal service became the prerogative of the Omani Government.

At the dawn of the blessed Renaissance, post offices were built across Oman in major cities. Several new postal services were provided that opened a world of communication to the citizens of Oman. 
In 2005, a royal decree No. 48/2005 established Oman Post Company as part of the vision of his Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said. His Majesty was aware of the importance of postal services to citizens, the role postal services play in international relations at present, and the future potential of these services. 

By joining the Universal Postal Union, Oman Post was able to provide unprecedented quality international services to customers.