Asyad Express


5-star service to send your parcels and packages to the recipient’s door within 24-72 hours in 220 destinations worldwide. This service is available in all our branches and has the feature of track and trace.

*Rates may vary according to the length,width and height of the package. 

  1. Tobacco, narcotics and psychotropic substances.
  2. Substances that by their nature or packaging method may expose the post staff or other parcels or any equipment to risk.
  3. Explosives and flammable materials and/or any other materials.
  4. Charcoal, radioactive materials and batteries.
  5. Immoral or indecent materials.
  6. Parcels or shipments containing liquid materials such as perfumes, oils and water.  All battery-operated motorcycles including scooters.
  7. Coins, banknotes, exchangeable bonds for the bearer, platinum, gold and silver whether processed or unprocessed, precious stones, jewellery or any valuable materials, formal personal documents such as passports and IDs.
  8. Perishable foodstuff, suspicious herbal substances and canned materials.
  9. Live animals and their body parts.
  10. Human remains and ashes.
  1. Canada, Myanmar and Zambia do not accept insured parcels.
  2. Lebanon, the Philippines, Latvia, Mongolia and Sudan do not accept parcels that contain coins, banknotes and bonds payable to bearers, tourist cheques, processed or unprocessed platinum, gold and silver, precious stones or similar materials, liquids, liquefiable materials, glass-made or fragile materials.                           
  3. Kingdom of Saudi Arabia:
  • Medicines of any type unless accompanied by a medical prescription issued from a competent official authority.
  • Any items contrary to the principles of the Islamic faith.

4. Russia does not allow the dispatch and exchange of documents and other items between individuals but permissible between corporate only.   

5. India and Pakistan:

  1. Passports and ATM cards are prohibited
  2. Second-hand gadgets such as telephones, iPads and laptops are prohibited.

In case of insured damaged items, the customer will get a 100% compensation.

Consignments are delivered to the recipient’s door within a standard time of 24-72 hours (working days in the place of delivery) from the date of dispatch from the Sultanate of Oman as follows:

  • GCC Countries:

24 hours to the door of the recipient across major cities.

Maximum 48 hour to the door of the recipient in other cities.

  • Non-GCC Countries (more than 220 destinations):

48 – 72 hours.

  • Provision of the postal code, name of the city and the detailed address of the recipient
  • Copy of the ID of the sender. Upon delivery, the data of the recipient shall be matched to their identity.
  • The content of the consignment/parcel and its respective value shall be disclosed.  

25kg. However, the length shall not exceed 120 cm.

Yes, the electronic payment option is available.

Yes, with multiple sizes:

Small: 400 Baisa.

Medium: 600 Baisa.

Large: 800 Baisa.

Extra Large : 1 OMR .

No custom duty charges are paid or levied in connection with ASYAD Express International service at Oman Post ASYAD Express offices

Go to the nearest Oman Post ASYAD Express office and attach a copy of the receipt or, alternatively, you may call the call center 24170444

The sender must package all items for dispatch in a manner that ensures their safe delivery and should write the receiver’s address clearly with full details. Sender must disclose the contents of the consignment and complete the relevant forms.

Yes. 2.5% of the total values of the consignment. The customer may voluntarily pay 2.5% of the total value of the consignment as insurance. However, he may reimburse the total value in case of item loss. Insurance for electronic gadgets and precious items is mandatory. For instance, when the customer declares that the value of the consignment is (OMR 500) and is willing to insure this amount; he shall pay OMR 25 as insurance. Therefore, utilizing this convenient service, the customer may recover the full amount (OMR 500) in case the consignment is lost, which is most unlikely to happen.

Yes. The tracking system can be accessed via Oman Post website and the customer service center by tracing the barcode of the consignment which is printed on the receipt delivered to the customer by Oman Post ASYAD Express (e.g. EX111111111OM).