Additional Services

Registered Mail

An invaluable service to give extra peace of mind, this service is primarily used for the sender to receive a proof of delivery at the receiver’s end, but other reasons include:

Written Confirmation of Delivery.

 Form CN07 is needed with fees of Bzs 300 per letter sent within Oman and Bzs 400 per letter sent out of Oman.

Modifying an Address

Free of charge, form CN17 is needed to correct the address of a letter already deposited and is available in all post offices.

Retrieving a Letter

Free of charge, form CN17 is needed to retrieve a letter that has been deposited and is available in all post offices.

Remaining Mail

For a minimal fee of Bzs 100, mail can be held at the post office until such time as the consignee chooses to have it dispatched.
In the event that mail does not have the necessary clearance procedures in place, there will be an incomplete fee as well as a processing fee of Bzs 200.

Storage Service

Any mail, packages or insured postal materials delivered to a post office can be stored free of charge for up to ten days. Once this limit has been passed, a fee of Bzs 300 per additional day will be applicable.

Impost Service (Express Distribution)

Requested by the sender, express distribution gives priority to the item being sent and is charged at OMR 1 per item.

Mail Enquiry

Should a letter not arrive as addressed senders are entitled to enquire as to its whereabouts by submitting form CN08 free of charge.

Advertising Publications

Companies and other entities have the opportunity to use the postal service to target their customers through our distribution service. Once relevant permissions have been sought a charge of Bzs 10 per sheet is charged.

Following-Mail Service

An essential service for those PO Box subscribers who leave Oman yet still want to have post forwarded from their PO Box number. For a semi-annual fee of OMR 25 all post will be forwarded in a timely manner.

Mailbags Service

This service facilitates the delivery of publications and other materials up to 30 kgs from a sender to consignee and is charged a fee of Bzs 300 based on regulations.