Quality Policy

Oman Post & ASYAD Express is committed to recognize, deliver, and exceed the needs and expectations of all its customers by providing seamless, secure, affordable & world-class logistics services, coupled with excellent level of performance. Quality is an integral part of our organization and the services we offer to our customers.

Our business success depends upon our ability to harvest our unique assets and competencies which will enable us to deliver exclusive services to our customers. We adhere to the Quality Management principles laid out in ISO 9001:2015 to:

  • Enhance customer experience
  • Continuously improve service quality
  • Improve our process efficiency and delivery value
  • Develop competent human resources
  • Ensure compliance to regulatory and statutory requirements


We, at Oman Post & ASYAD Express have adopted the principles of Lean Management to enhance value delivery to our customers, while maintaining affordability. We also invest in developing our employees to ensure that they are competent and willing to deliver services to continually elevate customer satisfaction.