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Most frequent questions and answers
  • No: Only follow the flyers and then you can purchase through the website with the need to pay attention to the size of your account.
  • Fill the license renewal form.
  • Fill the license renewal form.
  • Attach the expired license.
  • Attach copy of valid ID card (new ID card or license).
    Attach bank receipt for the payment of license fee from the bank.
  • Two (2) photographs of size 4 × 6
Go to your nearest post office in the region that you wish and apply for a new mailbox or via the website

Through the post office or via the website.

Through any post office linked with the Service or via the website.

Through the Philatelic Department or the website.

  • Individuals: Civil ID or passport or residence card (for expatriates).
  • Companies: Commercial Registration only.